Call for Speakers

Date: June 30, 2018

Presenters – who should speak at Commit Porto?

Commit Porto is a tech conference that brings together professionals who tackle challenges in software development with the latest technologies. It is an excellent opportunity for you to share your experience with the community!

Themes and topics – what do we expect?

The range of topics covered in our conference is wide but our aim is always to have technical talks that cover the most up-to-date topics and challenges on the software development world. Check these potential talk titles to get you inspired:

If you're not inspired enough make sure you drop by our YouTube channel and check the talks from previous editions. Here are three amazing examples:

Please submit your proposals HERE until February 28th, 2018.

Please note: There is no guarantee that a submission will be put onto the conference agenda as the number of slots is very limited. The program committee will pick a diverse set of talks and get back to you until March 31th, 2018.


What is the duration of the talk?

The times for the presentations should range 20-25 minutes and another 5 minutes for Q&A. The total time should not exceed 30 minutes.

Can I promote my company/product?

The speakers of Commit Porto are invited for their expertise with the goal of sharing their experience tackling challenges in software development. We don’t impose any restrictions on the content of the presentation, but ask you to not focus on promoting your organization or particular products.

Do I need to present in English?

Yes. Fortunately, Porto is becoming a more and more multi-cultural city everyday and we want to make sure every talent out there can attend the event.

Am I allowed to submit multiple talks?

Well, the short answer is: yes. The long one is: our resources are limited and we are not expecting to review 5 applications per person but if you have 2 or 3 great options and can't decide which one will fit better, you are more than welcome to submit both.

Any other questions?

Email us: hello at commitporto dot com