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Committed to Porto
June 20th

Commit Porto is a tech conference to be held in Porto on June 20th, bringing together professionals from different areas talking about their experience tackling challenges in software development with the latest technologies!
It will be an excellent opportunity for knowledge sharing and inherently promote Porto as a vibrant and dynamic city for technology-based companies.


  • Check-in
  • Opening Session
  • Nuno Cerqueira
    Scaling and high availability principles on a large scale cloud data pipeline
  • António Barros
    "Agilitise" Tests – from many flavours of Agile into testing best practices
  • Gonçalo Silva
    Material design in practice
  • Coffee Break
  • Matthias Wiesmann
    Issues with large scale shopping data acquisition
  • Gonçalo Queirós
    Development challenges when sailing in emergent markets
  • André Silva
    AngularJS: share and tackle challenges
  • Lunch Break
  • Jorge Teixeira
    Does Text Mining really matter? SAPO as an use-case
  • Jean Vanderdonckt
    Context-aware adaptation of user interfaces
  • Break
  • Álvaro Monteiro
    Swift language: its purpose, present state, future and what it means to iOS developers
  • Carlos Gomes
    From data to action
  • Coffee Break
  • Andrzej Grzesik
    Continuous Delivery Antipatterns
  • Hugo Ferreira, Pedro Roque & Teresa Carreiro
    The Peter Fatality: Why People Rise to the Level of their Incompetence
  • Closing Session
Nuno Cerqueira
Principal Software Engineer Lead @ Microsoft, Skype
António Barros
Sales Manager @ WinTrust
Gonçalo Silva
Head of Android, Product Designer @ Doist
Matthias Wiesmann
Technical Lead for Shopping Data Quality @ Google
Gonçalo Queirós
Team Leader @ Porto Tech Center
André Silva
Team Leader @ WIT Software
Jorge Teixeira
R&D coordinator @ SAPO Labs / Portugal Telecom
Jean Vanderdonckt
Full Professor @ Université Catholique de Louvain
Álvaro Monteiro
Senior iOS developer @ Farfetch
Carlos Gomes
Lead Data Scientist @ Farfetch
Andrzej Grzesik
Distributed Systems Maker @ eBay
Hugo Ferreira
CTO @ ShiftForward
Pedro Roque
CEO @ EmailBidding
Teresa Carreiro
Operations Manager @ Critical Manufacturing





June 20th

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